Preneur Cleaning Services

We don't like complicating things, that's why we make it easy and simple for you as to when you need us most, whatever your cleaning needs may be, we have experts here to serve you and surpass your every need. We love what we do and that's what keeps us making our clients happy.

Stefano Petralia and Chanel Tchoula are the reason behind preneurs success, great customer service, organisation and ensuring that their clients wants and needs are met at all times. They are the CEO's of preneur and dedicate their time and skills in order to build its continuous strong reputation. They started off seperately and decided to team up and go into partnership, allowing their strengths and different ideas to merge in order to benefit their clients wants and needs. Building preneur from the ground up has helped Stefano and Chanel to be able to grow, understand the business as a whole, therefore benefitting their clients more and valuing them at a higher level.