Burfords Cleaning Specialists

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and for this reason, we make sure that first and foremost we have the right equipment to do the job properly.

Most so-called professional companies will have only one cleaning machine which is usually just a portable electric water extraction machine and claim that they are able to do a good job regardless of what they are cleaning. The truth is that no one single system/machine is capable of effectively cleaning every type of carpet.

That’s why at Burfords we have invested in excess of £50,000 in cleaning equipment From our State of the art Truck-mounted steam cleaning machines through to our Low moisture encapsulation cleaning systems and just about everything else in-between.

We do this because we are not interested in making your carpets look “a bit cleaner” we want to leave you knowing that your carpets cannot be cleaned any better and that All soils, dirt grease, oils and the like have been completely removed and that the carpets are left virtually dry.